“Democracy is not about listening to everything that comes to somebody’s head”, said the Open Republic’s Paula Sawicka in a TVN24 television channel programme. She was commenting on the parliamentary debate on anti-LGBT legislation proposed by  Krzysztof Grzegorz Kaprzak on behalf of a “Life and Family” foundation. Another guest of the programme, an LGBT activist Bart Staszewski said: “It was horrible for me, and for any LGBT person, that they are all paedophiles, and that having been born gay, I am not better than the Nazis.”

“I disagree that democracy makes it our duty to hear ideas; Mr Kasprzak was kind enough to present. Everything he said was a lie and hate speech”, added Paula Sawicka. The parliamentary majority did not reject the proposed legislation in the first reading. The project was sent for further deliberations in a parliamentary committee.