• Chair

Marek Gumkowski PhD is a historian of literature. He worked for many years at the Literary Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He currently works as an editor of science and popular science publications in the field of humanities and school-books. His passions are (various: bigger and smaller) sailing boats.

  • Deputy Chair

Magdalena Czyż is a political scientist, journalist and the  Editor in Chief of the „Spotkania w dialogu” quarterly.  Actively involved in the Christian-Jewish dialogue, she is a member of the Polish Christian-Jewish Council and a former co-chair of the Helsinki Human Rights Foundation’s Group to stop antisemitism and xenophobia. Currently in love with the music of Frederic Chopin.

Irena Wóycicka – is an economist by education, a researcher and an expert in the field of social policies. Her particular interests involve gender equality and family policies. She was a minister in charge of social policy issues in President, Bolesław Komorowski’s office. She was the co-founder and the first Chair of the „Open Republic”.

  • Treasurer

Jan Herczyński is a mathematician and an expert in the field of education financing and management, a graduate of the University of Cambridge in Massachusetts and Warsaw University; a consultant in the field of de-centralisation of financing and management of education in Poland and abroad; the coordinator of the project “Improvement education management strategy on the national and local level” and the editor of the six-volume Local Government and Education series.
He reads books.

  • Secretary

Damian Wutke Damian Wutke is a graduate of International relations and Judaist Studies at Wrocław University as well as the Middle East and African Studies at Warsaw University and postgraduate studies in Humanitarian Aid. A Polish film aficionado. Likes good crime books.

  • Member

Katarzyna Kuczyńska – Koschany Polish language scholar, esseist and poet, (Zielony promień, 2006). Her field of interest includes interpretation of poetry, the critical reception in Poland of the works by Rilke and Rimbaud and the Holocaust. She has written books about Rilke, poetry and the Holocaust and essays. She is a patron of a student club of Jewish culture and literature enthusiasts at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, where she is also a member of the university anti-discrimination body. Member of the Polish Academy of Science and the Polish PEN. Her hobby is hiking in beautiful places, such as the Polish Bory Tucholskie Forrest, Ukrainian Chernovtse, Lublin, Paris, Provence and Tuscany.

Piotr Jakub Piotrowski – a lawyer whose hobbies include travels, foreign languages and literaturę. A mediator in private and business disputes.  Founder of the Open Republic’s legal help centre in Kraków. In his free time, he likes to devour books with a cup of good coffee.

Krzysztof Podemski PhD is a professor at the Institute of Sociology of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Specialises in the areas of political discourse, inter-cultural relations and the civil society. A member of the Board of the Polish Sociological Society and the Board of the Centre for Public Opinion Research CBOS. Co-founder of the “Open Academy” . Columnist for the Poznan edition of the ‘Gazeta Wyborcza” newspaper. He likes listening to jazz, skiing and cycling.



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