Simon & Schuster Publishers

Dear Sirs,


I am writing this letter as a Vice-President of the newly founded organization „Otwarta Rzeczpospolita) („Open Republic”) The Society Against Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia, which had been established in order to oppose and eradicate any form of racism, intolerance and anti-semitism in our country.

On behalf of our Society I have to protest strongly against the statement presented by Ms. Lesley Stahl in her book „Reporting Live”, namely: „The Poles (with help of their friendly neighborhood Germans) had killed off their tradesmen, the Jews, in the 1940’s”. This statement, being a historical lie and going well beyond even the existing stereotypes, serves only the proliferation of xenophobia. We were also very surprised that such respectable publishing house as Yours has decided to print the words stirring up the hatred between people.


Sincerely yours,
Maciej Geller

Warszawa, 18.11.1999
P.S. Wydawnictwo Simon & Schuster usunęło powyższe zdanie z następnego wydania tej książki.