23rd February, 2022

Dear Friends,

In face of the deadly threat to the independence, territorial integrity and sovereign statehood of Ukraine – we stand with You.

We are well aware that the actions of the Russian Federation and its president aiming at Ukraine are directed at the fundamental rules of international law which form the grounds for a peaceful world order: an order established at the cost of millions who perished during the World War and millions who fell victim to totalitarianisms.

Through its actions and declarations on Ukraine, Russia is placing itself outside international law, it is distancing itself from the norms laid down in the United Nations Charter and Human Rights Treaties. In violation of its own obligations, whether of the Budapest Memorandum from December 1994 or the of Minsk Agreements – the Russian Federation has renounced any rules of diplomatic law. Judging from the statements made by its president, it is replacing the framework of law with a vision of permanent warring. Heroism has no place inside this vision, it is simply a cynical vision of a lawless world.

We are well aware of the perils this deadly threat to Ukraine poses also to Poland, Europe and the world. We are well aware that today Your fate and our fate is being decided on Ukrainian soil, as well as the future of the world.

We stand with You.