We will gather because we remember. We remember what happened here We remember those who rose to fight. We remeber those who kept who kept the memory alive: Marek Edelman, Jacek Kuroń, Lechosław Goździk, Mirosław Sawicki, Noemi Korsan, Zofia Kuratowska, Anka Kowalska, Chawka Raban, Julia Hartwig and many other.

We do not want to participate in the anniversary celebarations under the auspices of the President of Poland, becasue they were taken over by politicians who this year have decided to hide behind crowd control barriers and I.D. documents checks. In the celebrations plagued by the hollow nationalistic pomp and attended by members of the government whose prime minister is capable of lighting candles to commemorate Nazi collaborators from the National Armed Forces (the NSZ). We believe that memory should be a common good and not an instrument of power.

We will gather on 19 April at 11.00 under the plaque commemorating Szmul Zygielbojm at the corner of Zamnenhof and until a short time ago was Lewartowski Street (now Edelman Street). We will lay flowers in memory of Lewartowski, to protest against the politically motivated juggling with the heroes names [Lewartowski Street has been recently renamed as a part of de-communisation of Warsaw street names]. We will listen to songs in Jidysz perforemed by the pupils’ choir of the Jacek Kuroń Secondary School and to the Marek Edelman letter.

We will then proceed to the location of the former Jewish Fighting Organisation (the ŻOB) at Miła 18 Street, where according to the tradiont passed on to the young generation by Marek Edelman in 2008, children will light candles on top of the Anielewicz Mound – to make sure that the memory lives in future generartions. We will then gather at the Umschlagplatz monument, to listen to a poem Bashert, by Irena Klepfisz, the daughter of Michał, who had fallen in the uprising. Then we will walk to Tekla Bądarzewska Square, to prepare ground for a tree planting ceremony. The tree will be a mirabelle plum, just like the one from Wałowa Street, whiech grew there since the days of the ghetto, but has been recently cut down. In the autumn 2017 the Muranów Station (Stacja Muranów) with its „Trees of memory” project, working with Patrycja Dołowy i Monika Tutak has made the return of the tree possible using the preserved pits from its fruit. We will all together prepare the spot for planting of the tree, which will take place in September. We will conclude our march at the eastern side of the Heroes of the Ghetto Monumet, under the often forgotten relief “Passage to holocaust

In the evening, between 21.30 a 22.30, in the Bankowy Square a virtual reconstruction of the Great Synagogue (blown up by Nazis’ after the quashing of the uprisding on 16 May 1943) r – its image will be projected onto the skyscraper standing today where the synagogue once stood – a project by the artist, Gabi von Seltmann.

We are a group brought together by the need to remember. We represent various groups and organisations and our event is open to all people of good will.

Some of the organisers are:

Antifacist Warsaw (Antyfaszystowska Warszawa)

The Campaign Red and Black-Red History (Kampania Historia Czerwona i Czarno-Czerwona)
The Open Republic (Otwarta Rzeczpospolita)
The Student Antifacist Committee (Studencki Komitet Antyfaszystowski)
The Station Muranów (Stacja Muranów)
The Jacek Kuroń Mulitcultural Humanist Secondary School (WLH im. Jacka Kuronia)
Amel Mana
Patrycja Dołowy
Paula Sawicka
Zuza Hertzberg