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Let’s join together with those they persecute! Let’s show solidarity!


A letter concerning professor Nalaskowski’s article

In a letter addressed to the Rector of Torun University, The Open Republic expressed our outrage in connection to prof. Aleksander Nalaskowski’s press attack against the LGBT community.

In his article, professor Nalaskowski described the Pride marches’ participants as “rapists, effeminate jokers still living with their mummies, guys who only want to have fun, and fat tattooed women lewdly kissing in a porn-film manner”.


“Don’t deport Aza Abdulakhdzijeva” – sign petition

The Open Republic recommends the signing of an appeal to Minister of the Interior, Mariusz Kamiński against Aza’s deportation. The ministry rejected Aza Abdulakhdzijeva’s asylum application, and she may be deported to her native Chechnya where she was subject to tortures.


Mazowiecki’s colleagues: ‘Time to say enough.”

Thirty years after the Tadeusz Mazowiecki formed his government in August 1989, his former colleagues appealed for a return to the values he represented as a politician. “He sincerely believed that solid moral values and the law built on them give a democratic state the authority to government” write Mazowiecki’s former colleagues in their appeal.


Sawicka: events show how weak Polish democracy is

As a guest of “Onet Radio” Paula Sawicka recalled Marek Edelman’s call against evil and the indifference.

“In most democratic countries in the world, the NGO’s monitoring the authorities’ actions are often funded by the state, supported in their watch-dog role. Here, today, we see something else. The state supports organizations involved in lies and misrepresentation of democratic ideals.


Open Republic criticizes Archbishop Jędraszewski’s sermon

Following the sermon in which the Archibishop used the term, “The LGBT plague” the Open Republic addressed the highest authorities of the Polish Roman-Catholic Church in a letter expressing solidarity with the people targetted in the sermon. The was letter signed by the head of the Open Republic’s Programme Board, Paula Sawicka and the Chair, Marek Gumkowski.


The Warsaw Prize

The Open Republic’s Paula Sawicka, Irena Wóycicka and Ludwika Wujec were among the laureates of this year’s City of Warsaw Prizes.


Warsaw Uprising Veterans of Bialystok Events

Following the scenes of verbal and physical aggression against the participants of the Bialystok Equality March, The Heroes of Warsaw Uprising Memorial Foundation and the Warsaw Uprising Veterans association said in a joint statement:

“In the country where Nazis were killing homosexuals for their sexual orientation, the humiliation of sexual minorities is unacceptable.”