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The Great Synagogue Restores Memory online


Independent Celebrations of the Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising


We will gather because we remember. We remember what happened here We remember those who rose to fight. We remeber those who kept who kept the memory alive: Marek Edelman, Jacek Kuroń, Lechosław Goździk, Mirosław Sawicki, Noemi Korsan, Zofia Kuratowska, Anka Kowalska, Chawka Raban, Julia Hartwig and many other.

We do not want to participate in the anniversary celebarations under the auspices of the President of Poland, becasue they were taken over by politicians who this year have decided to hide behind crowd control barriers and I.D. documents checks. In the celebrations plagued by the hollow nationalistic pomp and attended by members of the government whose prime minister is capable of lighting candles to commemorate Nazi collaborators from the National Armed Forces (the NSZ). We believe that memory should be a common good and not an instrument of power.

We will gather on 19 April at 11.00 under the plaque commemorating Szmul Zygielbojm at the corner of Zamnenhof and until a short time ago was Lewartowski Street (now Edelman Street). We will lay flowers in memory of Lewartowski, to protest against the politically motivated juggling with the heroes names [Lewartowski Street has been recently renamed as a part of de-communisation of Warsaw street names]. We will listen to songs in Jidysz perforemed by the pupils’ choir of the Jacek Kuroń Secondary School and to the Marek Edelman letter. read moreread more…

Our daily bread


The Great Synagogue Restores Memory


The Great Synagogue Restores Memory

A ceremonial virtual reconstruction of the Great Synagogue

19 April 2018, at 9:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m., Plac Bankowy Warsaw

The Open Republic Association will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising with a public multimedia event created by artist Gabi von Seltmann.

This ceremony is a virtual reconstruction of the Great Synagogue, demolished by the Germans after the Ghetto Uprising, using historical images, sounds and emotions. Archival recordings of the cantor of the Great Synagogue, Gerszon Sirota, who died in the Warsaw ghetto, and fragments of the poem Bashert, read by its author, Irena Klepfisz, daughter of Michał, a soldier of the Jewish Combat Organisation, will be played during the ceremony.

The performance will be repeated until 10:30 p. m., in 10 – minutes sequences.


The event will be broadcast live on  www.otwarta.org

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Summons for Degrelle’s publisher


On 6 April, 2018 three Polish people, survivors of the German occupation of Poland, have summoned the publishing house, which has been publishing for the last two years the works of Leon Degrelle, a Nazi collaborator and a Holocaust denier. The case concerns two Degrelle’s books: – „Hitler Century” volumes one and two. “These publications, glorify Nazi ideology, and Adolf Hitler personally. They propagate vicious anti-Semitism and directly deny the Holocaust and other Nazi crimes against humanity” says Wojciech Kozłowski of the legal firm Dentons , the lawyer representing the three claimants on pro bono basis, in an interview for “Gazeta Wyborcza” newspaper. read moreread more…

Open letter to Rev. Father Marian Waligóra


„We the undersigned wish to strongly protest against the 5th Pilgrimage of the Nationalist Movements to the Jasna Góra Sanctuary, by the All-Polish Youth, The National-Radical Camp, and the National Movement, planned for 14 April 2018. We demand steps to be taken against the circles proclaiming extreme nationalism to be able to spread their message, which is contrary to the Catholic Church’s teachings, within the walls of the Jasna Góra Sanctuary. We are witnessing in the Polish social and political life a worrying and growing tendency to claim a supposed supremacy of the “pure, white and Catholic” Polish Nation; a claim that is extremely hostile towards ethnic and religious diversity and as such is a denial of the values of Western Civilisation and of its Christian roots.” read moreread more…

Letter to the Roman Catholic Primate of Poland regarding the nationalist movements’ pilgrimage to the Jasna Góra Sanctuary


„The pilgrimage of the nationalistic movements to the Jasna Góra Sanctuary, organised by the All-Polish Youth, The National-Radical Camp, and the National Movement is scheduled for 14 April 2018. There can be no doubt – considering the previous pilgrimages as well as the events of January 2018, about which he had informed  your Eminence – that once more the pilgrimage will become an opportunity for spreading anti-Semitic and anti-refugee slogans rooted in the Nazi ideology and incompatible with the Catholic values. (…) we respectfully ask your Eminence to suggest to the Conference of the Polish Episcopate a strengthening of the pastoral supervision of such gatherings. We also respectfully ask your Eminence to suggest to the Prior of the Jasna Góra monastery a possible cancellation of this year’s nationalist movements’ pilgrimage”

Signed on behalf of the Open Republic Association by Paula Sawicka – Chair of the Programme Board and Marek Gumkowski -Chair of the Board.

Solidarity in Truth

Open letter addressed to international public opinion, at the initiative of the civic NGOs in Poland.

We are writing to you from Poland.

And from many other places in the world, where we live, study and work. We, the Poles, who do not agree with how current policy casts a pall over the Polish-Jewish relations developed over the years. We write to all of you who look at Poland today with disbelief, sadness or anger.

We write because we want you to know that regardless of how radical and inappropriate the positions of Polish authorities or certain groups are, these are not the positions and views of us all. We ask that you keep current politics in perspective, although we know how difficult this may be.

There are millions of people in our country for whom the Polish-Jewish dialogue and the truth about common history are important. We write to you as friends to friends, so that you may know that we are there, in Poland and the times that history and heritage bound us, and that we are also bound together in daily life and the future. read moreread more…

Racist psychiatrist’s (anti)social media posts


On his Facebook account, Dr Krzysztof Klementowski has referred to a young black woman as a “little monkey” and suggested that a city with Muslim inhabitants should be “fenced off with barbed wire fence”. Dr Klementowski is the head of the Psychiatric Department of the Milicz Medical Centre. His public views are to be reviewed by the Ethics Commission of the Lower Silesia Medical Council. The psychiatrist has also shared on his Facebook profile a news suggesting that Google’s algorithms allegedly do not make a distinction between black people and apes. “LOL” – Klementowski commented. read moreread more…

The 7th University Debate „Us Poles, Us Jews” in Poznań


The debate on 5 March 2016, was organised by Poznań’s biggest higher learning establishments: the Adam Mickiewicz University, and the Economic University. The topics included such questions as: What should a contemporary conversation about the difficult Polish-Jewish relations look like? What is anti-Semitism and what kinds of anti-Semitism are there? Can we speak of a specific Polish kind of anti-Semitism and where are its roots? The debate was introduced by professors: Katarzyna Kuczyńska-Koschany, Przemysław Deszczyński and Tadeusz Kowalski and by doctor Piotr Forecki. The moderator was a sociologist, professor Krzysztof Podemski of Adam Mickiewicz University, a member of the Board of the Open Republic Association.