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Demonstration of ONR in Katowice


On November 25 2017 in Katowice, at Sejm Śląski Square, a demonstration “STOP the contemporary Targowica” took place. Its organizers were: National Movement Śląsko-Zagłębiowski Region, All-Poland Youth – Śląski District, Upper Silesia National Party and Upper Silesian Brigade of ONR. During the demonstration the organizers and participants, allegedly expressing their protest against the reaction of the opposition and the media to the March of Independence and against European MPs of the Civic Platform (Danuta Jazłowiecka, Michał Boni, Barbara Kudrycka, Róża Thun, Julia Pitera, Danuta Hubner), who voted for the resolution of the European Parliament regarding Poland; they “symbolically” hanged their photos on the gallows.

We filed a notification with the District Prosecutor’s Office in Katowice and a complaint against inaction of the Police, which should have terminated the demonstration.

Free Courts, Free Elections, Free Poland. More than 100 cities protested in Poland.


On Friday 24th November at 7 pm, massive protests were held across Poland. People took to the streets in more than 100 cities and towns! Free Courts, Free Elections, Free Poland (Wolne Sądy, Wolne Wybory, Wolna Polska – 3xW) – this was the common slogan and theme for a host of protests in Poland and Europe, staged against unconstitutional laws on the National Council of the Judiciary and the Supreme Court. The biggest protest was held in Warsaw in front of the Presidential Palace. read moreread more…

Professor A. Sułek awarded by Puławy Starost


Professor Antoni Sułek – member of the Program Board of the Open Republic Association – won the Award of Puławy Starost in culture – for saving memory on the local Jews: field research and related publications, completion of the initiative of erecting in Kurow the monument of the murdered Jews and discovering many families rescuing Jews, including seven persons honored with the Medals for the Righteous among the Nations. On November 24 2017, after accepting the award, the professor delivered a speech “Multi-culture versus reconstruction of memory about Jews”. Our warm congratulations to the Professor!

Paula Sawicka at the conference “STOP hate in the Internet”


On November 22 2017 in the Multi-culture Center in Warsaw, under the patronage of the Ombudsman, the conference “STOP hate in the Internet” was held. Paula Sawicka, the Chairwoman of the Program Board of the Open Republic Association delivered the introductory speech. She said, for example: Is hate speech disseminated in the Internet different from the hate speech in real life? Do the words written in the cyberspace hurt less than those on the walls of our houses or shouted by the masked guys? Aren’t they followed by the hateful acts? I am sure there are no differences. Here we should ask what the Internet hate, which we want to stop, is. It seems to me that initially it was a kind of public toilet, in which everybody could release their evil emotions. Now it is one more dangerous tool for spreading hatred and hateful ideas.

Notification re: Independence March 2017


Pursuant to Art. 304 § 1 of the Code of Penal Procedure we filed a notification on the possibility of committing an officially prosecuted offence by the organizers  and participants of Independence March on November 11 2017 on the route Dmowski Roundabout – National Stadium commons in Warsaw.

The documented course of the March shows a justified suspicion regarding commitment of offence from Art. 256 § 1 of the Penal Code: Anyone who promotes the fascist or totalitarian political system or incites hatred motivated by national, ethnic, racial, denomination or irreligiousness differences shall be subject to fine, punishment of restricted freedom or imprisonment up to two years. And offence from Art. 257 of the Penal Code: Anyone, who publicly insults a group of people or an individual because of national, ethnic, denomination or irreligiousness association or, for these reasons, violates bodily integrity of another person, shall be subject to imprisonment up to three years.

Here are the examples of slogans shouted by the participants or written on banners recorded by photo-reporters and television stations: “White Europe of brotherly nations”, “Pure blood, sober mind”, “Europe will be white or uninhabited”, “Jewry must be deprived of power”, “White force, Ku Klux Klan”, “National socialism”, “All different, all white”, “Poland for Poles, Poles for Poland”, “Sieg heil”.

We also informed the Minister of Justice, Minister of the Interior and Administration and the President’s Chancellery about the notification filed by us.

Anti-fascists write to Hanna Gronkiewicz – Waltz


Before the March of Independence, which is going to take place tomorrow, the Anti-Fascist Understanding sent an open letter to the President of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz. “We are very worried about the accelerating activity of ultra-nationalist and neo-fascist groups in our city” – we read in the letter. Its authors state that this activity violates Polish constitutional act, which bans the existence of organizations referring to the methods and practices of Nazism, Fascism, and Communism. The letter was signed on behalf of the Open Republic Association by Paula Sawicka – the Chairwoman of the Program Board and by Marek Gumkowski – President of the Management Board.

Manifest of an ordinary man


The most important thing is life, and when there is life, the most important is freedom. But then one sacrifices one’s life for freedom and at that point we do not know what the most important is (Marek Edelman)

Piotr S., who immolated himself on October 19 in Defilade Square in Warsaw, solved this dilemma in his own conviction. We endorse the theses contained in his letter-manifesto and we appeal to all those who agree with its content to do the same. This is the least we can do to give meaning to this tragic protest.

Manifesto can be signed on www.naszademokracja.pl

Warsaw Declaration


On October 20 2017 at Plac Zbawiciela [Savior's Square] in Warsaw representatives of several political groups and social organizations, including the Open Republic Association, signed the Warsaw Declaration.

“Versatile and tolerant. Friendly for enterprise, co-managed by inhabitants, without social and economic barriers, promoting development of culture, education, health and ecology, supporting the sustained development” – this is what the capital of our dreams should look like. The whole text of the Declaration was read by Janusz Onyszkiewicz.

“I wish to see the values which we speak about in political programs, because so far I have not seen it. These are the values which we share, but the question is what we will do with them” – said Paula Sawicka, the Chairwoman of the Program Board of our Association. Declaration was also signed by Marek Gumkowski, President of the Management Board.

Equal Opportunities Coalition in defense of the ombudsman


The Equal Opportunities Coalition, the member of which is the Open Republic, issued a statement in which it strongly opposes political attacks against the Human Rights Spokesman. The Coalition demands halting the harmful policy against the ombudsman and calls for substantive discussion on the methods of strengthening his activities, as he should have the necessary conditions for performing his constitutional duties i.e. protection of civic rights and freedoms.

Statement of the Open Republic Association


“The members of the Open Republic Association are deeply concerned about the planned passing by the Polish Senate of the resolution honoring the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Komitet Samoobrony Polskiej [Polish Self-defense Committee] (print no. 600, 22.09.2017). (…) Passing by the Polish Senate of the resolution honoring the organization which openly spread hatred toward all minorities and anti-Semitic, will be yet another step to falsify the Polish history of the 20th century. The draft resolution fits well in the series of events, which are supposed to implement this falsification; one of the most striking elements of it is the recent resolution of the Polish Parliament honoring Brygada Świętokrzyska NSZ [The Holy Cross Mountains Brigade – did nor merge with the Home Army and was accused of collaboration with the Nazis]”.

On behalf of the Association the statement was signed by Paula Sawicka – the Chairwoman of the Program Board and by Marek Gumkowski – President of the Management Board.